The Best Avo Toasts in Nashville

It is no secret that I am a huge avocado lover but honestly, who isn't?! If I have earned the label of "the girl that posts about avocados all the time" I really aint mad about it 😎.Β I could add it to any and every meal if I could (and 99% of the time I … Continue reading The Best Avo Toasts in Nashville

Why I Made the Switch to Safer Beauty Products

I had struggled with skin issues for as long as I could remember. From afar, my skin was decent but if you really got up close and personal with me, you would have seen the obvious blemishes covered with a multitude of concealers and foundations, dryness, puffy eyes, and just an overall dullness. Even with … Continue reading Why I Made the Switch to Safer Beauty Products

Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Review

Uncle Julio's is a Mexican restaurant that first opened up in Austin, TX. Now there are locations in Georgia, Illinois Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, and now Tennessee! Their mission is to serve both unique and authentic Mexican food made from scratch and from only the freshest LOCAL ingredients. Since the day it opened there has … Continue reading Uncle Julio’s Restaurant Review