Why I Made the Switch to Safer Beauty Products

I had struggled with skin issues for as long as I could remember. From afar, my skin was decent but if you really got up close and personal with me, you would have seen the obvious blemishes covered with a multitude of concealers and foundations, dryness, puffy eyes, and just an overall dullness. Even with eating a healthy diet and always making sure to be hydrated my skin just never looked or felt that great to me. I dreaded any activity that involved having to wear no makeup. I was that girl that wore her makeup to the gym! Obviously, that was only making things worse and worse. I turned to every face product imaginable. Proactive, Rodan & Fields, Murad, drugstore face cleansers, even the ones that claimed to be free of harsh chemicals and for “sensitive skin.” Nothing ever gave me the skin I wanted. After so many years of “okay” skin, I just gave up and came to the conclusion that my skin was just like that and it was something I had to deal with. It became second nature to be self conscious of my skin at all times.

Then, I was introduced to BeautyCounter, an all natural skin care and makeup line. BeautyCounter was given to me at a work event where I was received a sample pack of some of their best selling products. Now I know what you’re thinking (because trust me I thought the same thing too), “another pyramid scheme skin care and makeup line that I see all over Facebook by some person I kind of know swearing it is the best thing ever and blah blah blah.” Remember, I had tried it all. So when I was first handed the samples I really didn’t think I would use them at all. I didn’t want to believe an all natural skin care line could possibly work because really nothing else ever did.

I came across an ad for BeautyCounter a few weeks later while browsing the internet and decided to click the link and read more into it. I eventually ended up on their website reading what they call The Never List and was immediately intrigued. It also lead me to research what was in my current products and the results were shocking to say the least. AND the laws around cosmetic and personal care product regulation that I had no idea even existed, were even more of a shock.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night researching the negative effects chemical ridden beauty products and cleaning out my bathroom drawers.

When it comes to my body, I put so much effort into feeding it the best foods and nourishing myself from the inside out. So, why wouldn’t I apply the same logic to my skin? Our biggest organ! It was obvious that the reason my skin was not showing the results of my healthy diet was because I was counteracting all that good nutrition with terrible products. How did I let that happen?

So, after learning more about the terrible ingredients I had been drenching my skin in for years, I looked into what BeautyCounter had to offer and scoured the internet for the opinions of some trusted beauty/health bloggers. It had almost seemed too good to be true, but their positive and detailed reviews just convinced me more to give Beauty Counter a try. So, I dug through my bathroom drawer and fished out those samples I was given weeks ago.

The sample bag included some of BeautyCounter’s most popular products. The activated charcoal bar, charcoal mask, cleansing balm, and hydrating face oil. I had enough of each to last me a full week but that was all I needed before I was HOOKED. In all honesty, for the first time ever I started to absolutely love my skin. I became a consultant for BeautyCounter so I could share these products with all of you and support the use of safe products I know you can trust!


Charcoal Bar :


Face Oils : (Brightening, Balancing, and Plumping)

Cleansing Balm :


Charcoal Mask :


I could keep listing more and more but I won’t overwhelm you with everything I love! These are definitely great to start with. If you are having skin issues of your own or my story seems similar to yours I highly encourage you to give these products a try. BeautyCounter offers safe and trustworthy products that actually work and we can all feel good about using them.

I would LOVE to answer any questions you may have about these products! Feel free to Contact me with questions, concerns, comments, OR if you are interested in some free samples 😉


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