My Go-To Green Smoothie

The great thing about smoothies is you can really throw whatever you want into a blender, mix it up, and go. There are a lot of different smoothie recipes but I prefer a few things when considering what to mix in. My smoothies always consist of 2 fruits, 1-2 greens, protein powder (optional), water and/or almond milk, and a few add ins. Recently, I have been obsessed with spirulina powder as well as flax and chia seeds.


Smoothies and protein shakes are great for slimming your waistline but you have to watch how much sugar you are consuming. While most people check calories, I prefer to pay more attention to the amount of sugar that is in the foods I eat. Have you ever gone to Jamba Juice or another smoothie bar and looked at the nutrition facts? Compare your favorite smoothie order to a chocolate bar and you will be shocked how much more sugar is actually in your smoothie. Granted, most of the sugar is considered better because it is “natural” and comes from fruit but if you are aiming for weight loss, sugar is sugar no matter what. So, load up on the veggies first and then add the sweet stuff.

Like I metioned earlier, there are a lot of different ways to make a smoothie and I am not saying my version is any better health or taste wise (although mine is pretty tasty.) But, it is quick and easy and contains all the right nutrients! Here is an example of what I use in my homemade smoothies and the reasons behind my choices:

  1. 1 cup kale and/or spinach — This should be the base of your smoothie. The greener the smoothie, the better it is!
  2. 1/2 cup pineapple   — Did you know pineapple is a natural astringent and is great for a flat stomach? Pineapple is also full of fiber and vitamin C and it helps get rid of the “green” taste you want to avoid.
  3. 1 frozen banana — I buy bananas that are already ripened, peel and freeze! There is always a bag in my freezer. Frozen bananas are great for smoothies and, if you’re like me and hate adding ice, it makes it colder without having to water it down.
  4. Water or milk of choice — To cut unneeded calories I will usually just add water before blending. I don’t taste much of a difference but if you like your smoothies a little more creamy a milk of choice is the way to go! I prefer homemade almond milk but I will explain that in another blog post 😉
  5. Add ins — I choose chia seeds because of the omega 3s and they expand in your stomach to keep me feeling fuller longer. Flax seeds are also great due to their source of fiber. Spirulina (my newest obsession) is one of the most complete food sources you can find. It is full of protein, vitamin A, antioxidants, and protects and detoxes your body.
  6. Last, I add in a protein powder. I really only add protein if I am substituting for a meal but this is just what my body needs. Remember, everyone has different preferences and it is completely normal to need more or less than what I am consuming. I use vega sport brand vanilla protein but again, totally up to you what you use for your own smoothies!

IMG_0685IMG_0686 IMG_0687

Hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do! I would love to hear what you use in your smoothies of choice as well! Comment below with any questions 😉


One thought on “My Go-To Green Smoothie

  1. I love my green smoothies too, good girl Anto!! Great recipe;) I add frozen mango, pineapple, cucumber and even celery lol with the almond milk and spinach too. As long as the green stuff is in there!!


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